Scope and Sequence for
Smarr Publishers' Introduction to Literature

Goal: To have the student develop a love for reading fine literature and to write with conviction while using a clear and pleasing writing style.

Recommended Grade Level: This course is recommended for 8th-graders who have good reading skills and students through 12th grades.

1. The student will be able to identify major genres found in the belles-lettres.
2. The student will be introduced to the terms in poetry and prosody.
3. The student will learn 15 - 20 vocabulary words a week.
4. The student will learn the form for critical writing using acceptable grammar.
5. The student will develop a pleasing writing style.
6. The student will write and re-write eight (8) argumentative papers.
7. All readings will to be evaluated from a Christian worldview, and the literature will be interpreted solely on the integrity of the text alone.

Week 1--Introduction to Poetry
Week 2--Introduction to Poetry
Week 3--Writing Lessons
Week 4--The Importance of Being Earnest
Week 5--Merchant of Venice
Week 6--Writing Lessons
Week 7--Call of the Wild
Week 8--White Fang
Week 9--White Fang
Week 10--Writing Lessons
Week 11--Prince and the Pauper
Week 12--Prince and the Pauper
Week 13--Prince and the Pauper
Week 14--Silas Marner
Week 15--Silas Marner
Week 16--Writing Lessons
Week 17--Introduction to the Short Story
Week 18--Introduction to the Short Story
Week 19--Writing Lessons
Week 20--Scarlet Pimpernel
Week 21--Scarlet Pimpernel
Week 22--Scarlet Pimpernel
Week 23--Writing Lessons
Week 24--Great Expectations
Week 25--Great Expectations
Week 26--Great Expectations
Week 27--Great Expectations
Week 28--Great Expectations
Week 29--Great Expectations
Week 30--Great Expectations
Week 31--Writing Lessons
Week 32--Robinson Crusoe
Week 33--Robinson Crusoe
Week 34--Robinson Crusoe
Week 35--Robinson Crusoe
Week 36--Writing Lessons

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